6 Must-Have Winter Home Essentials

Winter Essentials
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Brrrrr! Winter weather is officially here! Living in the Midwest, I'm used to having all four seasons throughout the year and I'm no stranger to cold and snowy winters. As much as I love the snow and the pretty scenery this time of year, I wish I could go into hibernation mode and just wake up during the Spring. If only, right?!  With snow, ice and cold temps in the forecast for the next few months, I wanted to round up my favorite products and put together a post containing all the winter essentials you need for your home to stay comfortable and cozy this upcoming winter. Read on to see my picks:  

Homedics® Warm and Cool Mist Dual-Tank Ultrasonic Humidifier

Who else hates the dry air that winter brings?! I do! I do! I do! (picture me raising my hand as high as I can). Dry air causes all sorts of problems for me - from bloody noses (sorry, that's probably TMI, but it's the truth) to dry skin and even build up of static electricity throughout my home. This winter I knew I needed to find a product to combat dry air and make my living environment more comfortable. Since the end of fall, I've been using the HoMedics® Warm & Cool Mist Dual-Tank Ultrasonic Humidifier

This humidifier has been a lifesaver! It creates warm or cool micro-fine mist and has ultrasonic technology which makes it quiet as can be. It comes with two-gallon dual tanks that run up to 120 hours per filling and when the tank becomes empty, the humidifier will shut off automatically. How cool is that?! When it comes time to fill the humidifier, all you have to do is remove one or both of the tanks from the back of the unit and fill with water. Once filled, you slide the tanks back into place and you can begin using your humidifier again. 

Last year at this time the air in my home felt so dry that I couldn't wait for winter to be over. Having the HoMedics® Warm & Cool Mist Dual-Tank Ultrasonic Humidifier has made such a difference by bringing more moisture to the air. My husband and I are able to sleep much more comfortably and using the humidifier has definitely become a part of our nightly routine. Every night before we lay down to get some shut eye, we turn on our humidifier, set the timer on it and fall fast asleep. I also have to mention that this product comes with a built in on/off night light which is super handy. 

HoMedics® includes two Demineralization cartridges with every Ultrasonic Humidifier so if you have hard water at your home, just pop one of these cartridges into the tank to reduce white dust caused by hard water conditions. Additionally, this humidifier has clean tank technology that helps to protect the two-gallon water tanks from mold and mildew. 

If you're looking for a humidifier, I can't recommend this one enough. This product truly checks every box as far as features go and it has made a significant improvement in the air quality of my home. Do yourself (or a loved one) a favor and say goodbye to dry air this winter with the HoMedics® Warm & Cool Mist Dual-Tank Ultrasonic Humidifier.

CAPRESSO Hot chocolate maker

Who doesn't love warming up with a mug full of hot cocoa topped with marshmallows or whipped cream when it's freezing cold outside? Drinking hot chocolate definitely takes me back to when I was a kid. I remember sledding and playing outside in the snow with my sister for hours and then coming inside to see that my mom prepared hot chocolate for us. I mentioned the Capresso Iced Tea Maker that I used to make my Mixed Berry Green Tea recipe in my last post, but did you know that the brand also sells a Froth Control Auto Frother and Hot Cocoa Maker? BRB, adding that to my wish list for this upcoming holiday season! 

My husband makes the BEST homemade hot chocolate (and homemade whipped cream, too), but his recipe is really time consuming and he uses just about every kitchen gadget in the process. Having hot chocolate at the push of a button sounds like a much better solution. Aside from making decadent hot cocoa, this product prepares cafe quality frothed milk which can be used to make other delicious drinks like cappuccinos or lattes. Like the Iced Tea Maker, Froth Control shuts off automatically when frothing or heating are complete or when the pitcher is removed from the base. The hot chocolate function also allows you to add chocolate chips or chunks directly into the pitcher. Yum, yum, yum!

THERAPEDIC® Heated Throw Blanket: 

When I think of a cozy day at home, I picture myself snuggled up on my couch watching movies or catching up on my favorite TV show. I'm the type of person who is always cold, so nine times out of ten I have a blanket on my along with fuzzy socks. One of my favorite ways to stay warm during the winter months is to cover myself with a heated throw blanket. Want to know my go-to heated blanket brand? Therapedic®! The Therapedic® Electric Heated Silky Plush Throw Blanket is beyond soft and it has a variety of settings so you can adjust the amount of heat to fit your liking. 

My favorite thing about this blanket is that the heating cord locks into place. When you connect the cord to the blanket, you'll see that it has clips on the side. Just connect the cord to the blanket and it'll buckle into place. Props to Therapedic® for thinking of this small (and extra convenient) detail and incorporating it into their product! 

I've been using my Therapedic® Electric Heated Silky Plush Throw Blanket for a few weeks now and I love that the heating dial isn't big and bulky. Changing settings is super easy - all you do is press the button each time you want the blanket to get warmer. Lights correspond to each heat setting so you know exactly how warm the blanket will get. 

Mossimo Supply Co.Corene Shearling Suede Tie Front Moccasin Slippers

These Corene Shearling Suede Tie Front Moccasin Slippers are hands down my favorite slippers! In the winter I'm always looking for something warm to wear on my feet and these slippers don't disappoint. Sometimes I wish it was acceptable to wear them to places like work or out and about while I'm running errands (ya can't blame me for wanting to always have something comfy on my feet, can ya?). These slippers have an outer rubber sole makes them perfect to wear either indoors or outdoors. I love the fact that they tie in the front so I can make them as tight or as loose as I want to. The suede uppers and faux-fur cuff keep my feet extra toasty and they fit true to size! I plan on wearing these slippers all winter long! 

Vellabox candles

Nothing makes me feel more at home than having a candle lit. There's something about the soft flicker of the flame that is so mesmerizing and relaxing. Day or night, candles definitely create a nice ambiance, especially during the winter. 

For me, candle scents correlate to my mood. Depending on how I'm feeling (and how I want the house to smell), I'll opt for different scents. Since I like to have such a variety around the house, the Vellabox artisan candle subscription box is the perfect thing for me! Vellabox curates a perfect combination of the highest quality candles along with handpicked products that complement each candle. Every candle product is non-toxic, lead free and hand poured. Additionally, the candles are from an array of companies across the country. The way I think of it, this subscription box is the perfect way to receive candles from companies that you might not have heard of otherwise! 

There are three different subscription tiers:

  • Lucerna: comes with one 4oz candle per month with approximately 25 hours of burn time and a surprise gift.
    Cost: $10 
  • Ignis: comes with one 8oz candle per month with approximately 50 hours of burn time and a surprise gift. 
    Cost: $20 
  • Vivere: comes with one 8oz and one 4oz candle per month with approximately 75 hours of burn time and a surprise gift.
    Cost: $30

My Vellabox came with candles from a company called Untamed Supply. This brand aims to bring the essence of nature indoors and even donates 3% of their profits to The National Parks. The scents I received were "Hay Ride" and "Chai & Spice." Both candles smelled amazing and I've enjoyed burning them while I unwind from a long day at work. 

I'm always on the lookout for new subscription boxes to try out or to purchase as gifts for family and friends. I already know this service would be the perfect gift for my mother-in-law and some friends of mine this holiday season. Since new candles are mailed every month, Vellabox is like a gift that keeps on giving! 

Crate and Barrel Zinc Boot Tray

Having wet shoes is pretty much a given during the winter months. Chances are that you'll be tracking water, snow and ice into your home each time you come in the door (that is, if you live anywhere but the south). Give your boots, shoes and other winter weather accessories a home by keeping them in a neat place to dry like this Zinc Boot Tray from Crate & Barrel. After shoveling my driveway and coming inside, I'm always looking for a place to store my boots away so the snow can melt and they can dry off. Being able to place them on a boot tray is way better than having my carpet get soaked. Protect the flooring in your home and get yourself a boot tray, you won't regret it! 

How do you stay warm and cozy during the winter? Do you have any home essentials that you can't live without? Share with me in the comment section below!