Why I Love to Travel


One of my favorite sayings is "travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer." Based on my past travel experiences, I can definitely say that this is a true statement for me. If I have money to spend, most of the time I want to save it for upcoming travel plans. 

I'm the type of person that loves looking at destinations on travel websites. If I see a place that catches me eye, I price out what it would cost for a week long stay. Getting an idea of the costs involved with traveling gets me motivated to save up so I can go to all of the beautiful places I've heard about from family and friends or destiantions that I've read about online. 

Today I wanted to share with you why I love to travel. 

It gives me something to look forward to
I work full-time and I have an allotted number of vacation days each year. I love my job, but sometimes it's nice to get away and have some much needed R&R. Creating countdowns to future travel dates and having multiple trips coming up over the coming months gets me excited. It also motivates me! I love to be in shape when I travel, especially if I know that I'm going to be on the beach. So, if I know that I have a trip to somewhere tropical coming up, I'll put in more hours at the gym. I'd say that's a win-win! 


A breaking up your routine and getting a change of scenery is always a good thing
Like I mentioned above, I work 5 days a week, so I have a pretty defined routine. For the most part, it's the same thing every week: wake up, get ready, head to work, put in 8 hours, come home, make dinner and then relax until bed. Of course the weekends are a nice time to catch up on things and get a lot of stuff done, but being able to break away from a normal routine for a more extended period of time is like a breath of fresh air. I love traveling and going on vacation because my surroundings are completely different. Most times I'm in a different environment and climate so things are different than what they're like back home. 


Traveling allows me to experience new cultures and see new things
A few weeks ago a I shared a post on My Family Heritage and I discussed how my ethnic background is primarily German and Russian. I've been lucky enough to visit Germany three times and each time has been just as special as the time before. Going to Germany exposed me to different customs and traditions as well as different foods and types of clothing. Aside from Germany, I've traveled to Britain, France, Italy, Greece, Austria, Mexico, Jamaica and the U.S. Virgin Islands. I also lived in Canada for a year when I was in 8th grade. 

It has brought me closer to the ones I love
I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that enjoyed traveling. As I grew up, my parents took my sister and I on a lot of fun trips and I'm so thankful for that. The first country I visited outside of the U.S. was Mexico. Many of our family vacations were in the U.S. going to different states, but we were able to take a few trips out of the country, too. Spending time with family and being able to travel with them is something that I find to be so special. It's a great way to make memories and do new things together. I love looking back through old photo albums to relive vacations that my family and I went on back when I was younger. I can still remember things like things we did, places we ate and fun experiences that brought us closer together. Now that I'm married, I love being able to travel with my husband. I'm definitely looking forward to traveling with our family when we decide to have kids someday.  


It helps me stay close to friends that live in different states than me
On the same note of building strong bonds with my family through traveling, I'm able to keep close bonds with friends of mine who live in different places by visiting them. One of my best friends lives in Washington D.C. and I've been able to visit her a few times. It has been so cool to see where she lives and hear about her daily life in D.C. 


It gives me a chance to fully relax and unplug
So this depends on the type of trip I go on, but if I'm heading on a beach vacation I know that I can definitely unwind a bit. I love using vacation time to do things that I'm not able to do on a weekly basis. I can actually sit down and read a book or I can sleep in however late I want. If I'm heading out of the country, I kind of secretly like not having cell phone service or WiFi. It allows me to unplug and be fully present on my vacation! 

Venice 2.jpg

I love collecting airline miles and hotel points
Traveling definitely has its perks. Of course airline tickets and hotel stays can be expensive, but I love to earn rewards points to put toward future travel. It's so satisfying to buy a plane ticket using miles. It definitely helps to soften to blow on your wallet and minimize your out of pocket costs for travel. 

Do you like to travel? What is your favorite part of going on a trip? Share your thoughts with my in the comment section below!