9 Ways to Spend Your Lunch Break


Whether you work in an office environment or from home, chances are that you aim to take a break during lunch time, right? I look forward to my lunch hour every day since it gives me an opportunity to take a step back from my work and focus on something else for a while. Sometimes it’s good to just take a break and start working right where you left off with a clear mind.

I’ve been a working professional for almost six years now and I’ve spent my lunch hour in a variety of different ways. During my first job right out of college, I always made it a point to leave the office during lunch. Sometimes I ate lunch in my car just because I wanted to get away from my desk and listen to the radio. Nowadays, I spend my lunch break either at my desk catching up on emails, at the gym for a quick cardio session or I even go out with coworkers.

Are you looking for some ideas on how to spend your lunch hour? I’ve compiled nine ideas in today’s post, so read on to get some inspiration or to find a way to switch up your routine:

1. Eat lunch with coworkers

I’m lucky to work at a great company with great people, so I really enjoy eating lunch with my coworkers. We often gather around a big conference table and catch up while eating. Sometimes we’ll bring our own food from home and other times we’ll order food and have it delivered to the office. Having a little bit of extra time to really get to know coworkers on a more personal level is a perfect way to strengthen relationships and bond with those that you’re around for 40 or more hours per week.

2. Run errands

This is my personal favorite activity to do while I’m on my lunch break. I love to go grocery shopping, make returns, fill up my car’s gas tank, run to the post office or bank or just browse around for things I don’t need (not even afraid to admit it). Sometimes it’s just downright nice to get out of the office and take care of an errand or two while you have an hour of time on your side.

3. Burn some calories at the gym

Feeling stressed? Need to burn off some steam? The gym is a great place to do it, especially during your lunch break. If you visit the gym during lunch, I recommend packing your gym bag with shorts, a tank top, extra socks, extra undergarments, a towel, headphones, hair accessories, a brush, extra makeup, a hair dryer, body wash and shampoo/conditioner. It’s always a great idea to wear an activity tracker like a FitBit during the workday so you can track your steps before, during and after your sweat session at the gym.

4. Spend your lunch hour at home

If you live close enough to your workplace, heading home for lunch is never a bad idea. Eating lunch at home is great for a variety of reasons. You can save money since you won’t be eating out all the time, you can catch up on chores (while you won’t necessarily be able to do a load of laundry, you could still do small tasks like tidying up small spaces in your home) or you could even relax a little and watch TV while you eat.

5. Read a good book

I know a ton of people that vowed to read more books this year, so why not do just that during your lunch break? As long as you bring your book to work and find a quiet space to read and eat, you’ll be able to breeze through cover to cover in no time! If reading and eating at the same time doesn’t sound like a good idea, you could always just listen and follow along with an audio book.

6. Listen to a podcast

Speaking of audio books, listening to a podcast is a great way to entertain yourself while you eat your lunch. There are so many podcasts out there covering a wide range of topics. I definitely want to start listening to more podcasts in 2019, so I have a few picked out that I’ll be listening to on my lunch breaks as the rest of the year goes on. I’m always open to recommendations, so if you’ve listened to one that you liked, let me know!

7. Catch up on emails

I’ll admit, I spend most of my lunch breaks at my desk catching up on emails or other work. This year I definitely want to make more of an effort to spend my lunch hour in more fulfilling ways. Sometimes I just get into a groove and I don’t want to step away from my desk. Working through your lunch hour will have it’s pros and cons, but for the most part you’ll be all caught up for your afternoon and chances are that you’ll leave the office at the end of the day having accomplished more during your time at work. Can’t complain about that, right?

8. Go for a walk outside

There’s nothing better than getting some fresh air, especially during the work day! I love going outside at work any chance that I get. Sometimes you just need a simple change of scenery instead of sitting at your desk and staring at your computer screen. I always find that my mood improves and my energy levels go up after taking a quick walk outside. During the spring and summer it’s especially nice to be outside to enjoy the sunshine and all of the blooming flowers.

9. Check something off of your to do list

Need to write a thank you note to your aunt and uncle for the birthday gift they got you? Need to make a phone call to set up an appointment? Why not do those things during your lunch hour? I’m all about accomplishing small tasks that can be finished within a few minutes while I’m on my lunch break. I feel so much better after I get things out of the way so they don’t hang over my head for the rest of the day. Better yet, if I can handle small personal tasks over my lunch break, that leaves more time for me to do the things I want to do after work!

If you work full-time, how do you like to spend your lunch break? If you’re someone that works from home, what do you do when it’s time for lunch? Leave me a comment below and let me know.