The Best Places to Find Engagement Ring Inspiration

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Are you getting ready for your significant other to pop the question? Getting engaged is such an exciting thing and it’s such a great relationship milestone to share with your loved one. From the anticipation to the actual proposal, there are so many little moments that make an engagement special.

You might remember that I shared all of the details from my proposal in Greece on the blog a few months back. Each time I look at my wedding rings I think back to that trip and how my husband asked me to marry him. It was the perfect day and I’m so happy that we get to share that memory for the rest of our lives.

When it comes to marriage proposals, there are several ways to mark your commitment to your future spouse. Many people chose to wear an engagement ring and I’ll be highlighting places that you can find engagement ring inspiration in this post. So, if you have a feeling that you’ll be wearing a ring on your left hand soon, browse through the places listed below to get a feel for what might be your dream ring!

Pinterest is the holy grail of weddings. You can find anything wedding related on that website. Finding engagement ring inspiration is no different! You can use the search feature to find engagement rings and create your own Pinterest board to save pins to. If you don’t want others to see that you’re searching for engagement rings, you can always make a secret board. That way, no one will be able to tell that you’re saving rings. Aside from using the search function, you can browse through other people’s wedding boards to see if they have pinned any unique rings that you hadn’t come across yet or you can follow accounts of jewelry makers or wedding publications/bloggers.

You might not realize it, but there are so many great accounts to follow on Instagram related to engagement rings. You can follow specific jewelry designers or pages dedicated to sourcing great photos of engagement rings. I’ll list a few of my favorites below so you can check them out!

Lauren B Jewelry - @laurenbjewelry
Okay, I’m obsessed with this Instagram account. When my husband and I were starting to talk about getting engaged and I looked at it every day to see which ring designs they’d post next. I’ll warn you, Lauren B rings are typically big and bold in terms of carat size, but they’re all beautiful nonetheless. I love how Lauren B uploads videos of their rings showing the exact specs of each ring and how it sparkles. Additionally, almost all videos include a visual of what the ring looks like on someone’s hand. Reading the captions of each video is helpful too because they include further information on things like what to look for when choosing a diamond, the differences between a diamond and an alternative like moissanite, etc.

Mark Broumand - @markbroumand
This is another jewelry Instagram account that I love! Mark Broumand features beautiful rings and like Lauren B, many of the uploads to this account are videos which allows you to get a close up view of each ring. The ring designs are unique and the diamonds featured are so sparkly and bright. I definitely looked at this account frequently when I was trying to find engagement ring inspiration! 

Ring Selfies - @ringselfies
If you want to look through an Instagram account that features photos of rings that were submitted or sourced through a specific hashtag, this is a great place to start! Ring Selfies sources photos from across Instagram and the account posts a variety of rings and styles. The nice thing about this account is that almost each photo shows a ring on someone's hand. This helps you truly get a feel for the size of the ring and how a similar design may look on your hand. 
Searching #theknot or #theknotrings hashtag

Lastly, another way to find great photos of rings on Instagram is to search hashtags such as #theknot, #theknotrings, #engaged or #engagementring. I have no doubt that you'd be able to find some great examples or rings just by skimming through a few hashtags! 

Wedding websites and magazines
Whether you’re flipping through a bridal magazine and you see an ad for a jewelry designer or you’re reading an engagement story, there are plenty of opportunities to find engagement ring inspiration while looking at a wedding magazine or a wedding website. You should definitely check out sites such as The Knot, WeddingWire and How He Asked. For magazines, you can look at The Knot, Bridal Guide or Martha Stewart Weddings. If you don’t want to buy a bunch of bridal magazines, you could always visit your local library and see if they have any copies available to look at. Or, if you have Amazon Prime, you can look through lots of magazines for free with your subscription.


Jewelry stores
While you’re at the mall, pop into a jewelry store and look at the engagement rings. My husband and I hit up all the jewelry stores in our local mall when we were browsing around for rings and it was so helpful. We were upfront with each sales associate and quickly let them know that we weren’t interested in buying anything that day – we only wanted to look at rings and get a sense of what types/brands each store sold. Even though we weren’t going to make a purchase, I was able to get my ring finger measured and try on several different types of rings to truly get a sense of what looked good on my hand. This helped me figure out what type of diamond I wanted and what size was best for my ring finger. After trying on a few different settings, I determined that I liked either cushion cut or round diamonds best. I would have never been able to narrow down exactly what I wanted if I didn’t go to a few stores and try rings on in person.

Today it's easier than ever to find the perfect engagement ring. There are even online jewelers that will ship you rings to try on and see in person before fully committing to purchasing it (many times this is called an in-store preview). If this is something that interests you, check out Ritani or Blue Nile. Whether you find your dream ring in a magazine or in-person, be sure to let your partner in on the details! Or, if you let your partner know that you want them to pick out your ring, don't mention anything. It's up to you to decide what to do as a couple! 

If you're engaged or married, how did you find different engagement ring inspiration and ring styles? Did you pick out a specific design or did your significant other completely surprise you with your ring? I'd love to know, so leave a comment below!