4 Summer Sun Care Essentials


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My favorite season of the year is almost here! I'm a big fan of summer and always have been. I love being outside enjoying the sunshine and warm air. To make extra money during the summer when I was in high school and college I worked as an outdoor lifeguard it was such a fitting job for me since I was a competitive swimmer and it allowed me to work in an outdoor setting. Since I worked outdoors, I always made sure to take good care of myself and my skin. I've learned a few things over the years when it comes to being exposed to the sun, so I wanted to share my thoughts in today's blog post. Read on to learn about my four summer sun care essentials.  

If you’re going to be spending extended periods of time in the sun this summer, wearing sunscreen is a must! Skipping out on sunscreen can cause damage to the layers of your skin, so taking a little extra time to apply sunscreen prior to laying by the pool or spending the day at the beach is something you’ll thank yourself for later. On days where you won’t be spending time in the sun, it’s still a good idea to wear a facial moisturizer with SPF. Sunscreen is an essential part of a skincare and anti-aging routine.  

Herpecin L
If you’ve ever been sunburned on your lips, you know it’s not a good feeling. Last fall when my husband and I went to Cabo San Lucas for a late one-year anniversary trip, I sat in the sun a little too long and managed to burn my lips. When I woke up the next morning, I noticed that my lips were swollen and red. I knew I had made a big mistake and needed to wear lip balm with SPF in it whenever I was in the sun from that point on during our trip. Unfortunately, since my lips were already burned, there wasn’t much that I could do to soothe them. I tried everything from holding an ice cube over my mouth to sitting in the shade for the majority of the next few days. Luckily, the swelling eventually went down, but it wasn’t immediate. My lips seemed to improve day by day.


After experiencing a sun burn on my lips in Cabo, I always make sure that I have Herpecin L in my beach bag. Herpecin L is Pharmacist recommended for the treatment, protection and relief of cold sores, sun and fever blisters. It’s perfect for days when I lay by the pool or hit the beach because it has SPF 30 in it and it quickly relieves my dry and cracked lips without numbing or drying.


In addition to having SPF 30, Herpecin L is formulated with dimethicone for protection. It’s the perfect lip balm to protect against the sun’s harmful rays. As someone who has never had a cold sore, I still enjoy using this product over other lip balms because it has more hydrating properties than other lip treatments. Even if you don’t suffer from cold sores, this product should be a staple in anyone’s beach bag.


Sun Hat
To keep your face and scalp from getting burned, you should we a sun hat whenever you’ll outside for an extended period of time. For Christmas the year before we got married, my fiancé (now husband) gave me a baseball cap with my initials monogrammed onto it. This was the perfect gift because we went on a tropical honeymoon to St. Thomas and I was able to wear this hat to protect my eyes, my face and my scalp from the sun while we were out by the pool. Whether you like big floppy hats or ball caps best, you can find a stylish way to keep the sun out of your face.

Water Bottle
Drinking water when you’re outside on a hot day is essential. Your body loses water when you sweat, so it’s important to stay hydrated and to have a drink on hand when you’re spending time in the sun. If you’ll be out and about when the sun is shining, try to find an insulated water bottle that will keep your drink ice cold for hours. Fill it before you leave the house, drink from it often and refill it as needed.


What tips do you have when it comes to protecting yourself in the sun? I'd love to know, so share your thoughts in the comments section below.