Keeping the House Clean with the Shark DuoClean Powered Lift Away Speed

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Having a clean and comfortable home is so important to me, so every weekend I carve out time to focus on chores. I try to knock out big tasks like laundry and vacuuming in the morning and then I do smaller chores like tidying up the living room or cleaning the bathroom here and there throughout the day. 

Now that I'm married, it helps to have someone else to share household responsibilities with. Getting a husband wasn't the only thing I walked away with after my wedding - I got a dog, too! My husband and I have a Labrador Retriever and he sheds like crazy! Sometimes you can just pet him and hair falls off. I grew up having dogs as pets and I've never seen a dog shed the way that our Lab does. Although he's a sweet dog and I love him to death, my husband and I are constantly cleaning up his hair and vacuuming our floors.

Since we vacuum so much, finding a powerful vacuum that is easily transportable and well-suited for several different floor types is something that we've been on the hunt for. 

My friends at SharkNinja recently sent me the DuoClean Powered Lift Away Speed NV800 to review and I couldn't be happier with it! It sucks up everything from white dog hair to dirt and debris that has been tracked inside the house. 


When I first unboxed the vacuum, all of the pieces were wrapped up and separated. After unwrapping everything and setting all of the pieces aside, I was ready to put the vacuum together and test it out! The total time it took to assemble the vacuum was less than five minutes - it was so easy. The guides/manual that came with the vacuum had clear directions and detailed everything that we needed to do in order to put the correct pieces together. 

In addition to the pieces for the vacuum, there were several attachments that came with our Shark vacuum. Mine was obviously the Pet Multi Tool. I was able to use it to clean pet hair off of the brown suede couches in our living room. If you own a suede couch yourself, you probably know that it's like a magnet for pet hair. 

My home has a mix of hardwood floors, tile floors and thick carpet, so I was excited to put the DuoClean Powered Lift Away Speed to the test and see how it transitioned from room to room. After turning it on and vacuuming I could quickly see dog hair swirling around in the canister.

You know how your carpets just look better after vacuuming? Like, how they look extra fluffy and clean? This vacuum left my carpets looking like they were cleaned by a professional housekeeping service. There's something so satisfying to me about seeing fresh vacuum lines in my carpeting and this vacuum doesn't disappoint. 

One of my favorite things about this vacuum is that it's bagless and the suction is so strong. After filling up the canister, I can just detach it and empty the components into the trash can. It's really easy to snap it back into place and continue vacuuming. 

This vacuum truly provides flexibility and makes cleaning your home a breeze. I was able to lift the canister away and clean spots and spaces that are hard to reach and often get neglected. Everything from under my husband's desk in our home office space to under our bed. I even cleaned the trim above my blinds and windows just because I could reach them. 

Something that's super useful is this vacuum's LED lights. They help so much when trying to clean up areas that aren't well lit. I never realized how nice it is to have a vacuum that has lights on it until I tested out this model. I actually found myself vacuuming rooms in the dark - the LED lights are so bright that they showed every piece of hair on my hardwood floors. I felt so good once I was done vacuuming knowing that I didn't miss any spots and that my floors were totally clean! 


The only downsides that I experienced while using this vacuum were that some of the attachments or plastic parts were difficult to extend. In some cases I couldn't get the buttons on certain attachments to release in order for me to change the length of the attachment. I also noticed that when I was vacuuming quickly, my Shark would twist or turn in different directions from where I wanted it to go. The swivel on this model is strong, but I think this is just something that I personally need to get used to as I learn how to better handle this vacuum. 

Overall, the DuoClean Powered Lift Away Speed is an awesome vacuum and a great cleaning solution. If you're looking for a vacuum that's powerful yet lightweight and easy to operate, I highly suggest checking out the NV800 model. Whether your home is big or small, this vacuum will definitely keep your place clean and your floors free from dirt, dust and debris. 

This vacuum retails for $299.99 and you can find it at a variety of stores. If you don't want to shop for it in person and load it up into your car, you can always have it shipped straight to your door. 

Have you ever used Shark products before? If so, what product is your favorite? Share with me in the comment section below!