The Perfect Candles for any Gift-Giving Occasion


I received products in this post for review purposes. All opinions are my own. 

If you had to pick your favorite scent, what would it be? When you stop and think about it, that’s a pretty tough question to answer. For me, so many scents are tied to memories so it’s hard to narrow it down and pick just one.

Personally, I love the smell of Lily of the Valley flowers (if you haven’t seen or heard of Lily of the Valley, they’re little white bell-shaped flowers). I remember picking these in my grandparent’s backyard. My grandpa loved gardening, so he would always tell me about his different flowers and plants.

Since I enjoy fresh floral scents, I gravitate toward those types of smells when I’m picking out perfumes and candles. Before I go to work each day, I spritz on a little perfume before I walk out the door. It’s always such a compliment when my coworkers tell me that I smell good or when they ask what type of perfume I’m wearing. Whenever I’m home, I love to have a candle burning while I’m relaxing or working on blog-related tasks. There’s something so soothing about burning a candle and letting the aroma fill the air.

If you’re a perfume and candle lover like me, you’d love Scentbird! If you haven’t heard of Scentbird before, they’re a monthly fragrance subscription company that will send you different perfumes each month for $14.95. You can pick your scent from a collection of 450+ designer and niche fragrances and then you’ll get mailed a monthly supply (8 ml). If you love trying out perfumes (or if you have a friend who does), Scentbird is a great way to discover new favorites.

The company is breaking into the home fragrance space and they just debuted their new Scented Candle Collection and I’ve teamed up with them to share them with you! In the collection, there are six candles that range from fun and fruity to crisp and cozy. The candles come in a light purple jar with a lid and they each have a cute design on the front and a clever saying on the back.

Each 5.6 oz soy blended candle is custom formulated, hand-crafted in the USA, infused with natural essential oils, and topped off with a 100% natural cotton wick. They’re also paraben free and cruelty-free.

These are the perfect candles to give as gifts! I’ve been inspired by all of these new scents, so I wanted to match each candle with the perfect gift-giving occasion, so you could easily identify which ones to purchase for your family or friends (or even to keep for yourself).

Here’s a breakdown of each scent and the perfect gift-giving occasion to pair each candle with:

Rose & Prosecco (perfect to give to a newly-engaged friend): This candle has vibrant rose notes, spiked with a touch of fizz. The scent is light and airy and would be a great scent to give to someone you know that just got engaged. Or, another idea would be to give this candle to friends if you’re currently engaged. Think of how cute this candle would be as part of a box to give to your future bridesmaids!


Siberian Fir & Cedarwood (perfect to give over the holidays): This candle has a forest-fresh blend of pine and cedar featuring all kinds of woodsy goodness. To me, it smells like Christmas. This would be a great candle to give to someone during the holidays. All you need when burning this scent is a cozy blanket and a mug full of hot cocoa.


Earl Grey & Blackberry (perfect to give as a birthday gift): Super cozy earl grey combined with lush blackberry brewed to perfection. Out of the entire collection, this is my favorite scent. It smells so good! It makes me feel relaxed, so I think it’d be a perfect candle to give to someone for their birthday. When giving this candle to a friend, tell them to burn it while they enjoy a hot bath or while they’re unwinding after a long day with a good book.

Cucumber & Lotus (perfect to give as a housewarming gift): Crisp cucumber meets lush lotus blossom. This candle is the true essence of a fresh scent. It would go great in any room of the house. The kitchen, the bathroom, the living room – the scent of this candle is so versatile that it would just fit anywhere. If you know someone that will be moving into a new place soon, this would be the candle you’d want to get for them. After they’re done unpacking all their moving boxes and getting their new pad situated, they can light this candle and kick their feet up!


Vanilla Bean & Heliotrope (perfect to give as a Valentine’s/Sweetest Day gift): Creamy Vanilla remixed with sensual heliotrope. Hitting all the right high notes. If you’re stumped on what to get for a loved one for Valentine’s Day, Sweetest Day, or an anniversary, you can’t go wrong with this candle. The vanilla combined with heliotrope is heavenly and it has a romantic aroma. I can’t think of a better occasion to light this candle than on a day where you celebrate love.

Pineapple & White Amber (perfect to give as a “thank you” or “just because” gift): A delicious blend of pineapple and amber that brings you from simmer to glimmer. This candle smells like a vacation in a jar. It’d be a great gift for someone that you’d like to thank or just because you’re thinking of them. The fruity notes bring a tropical flair that’ll make anyone want to hit the beach!

No matter what your mood is, I’m sure you’ll find a Scentbird candle that you like. With a variety of scents, there are enough I’ve been loving these candles and I totally recommend them. Whether you decide to buy a few and give them as gifts or purchase some for yourself, you can check these candles out on Scentbird’s website. Each candle is $22.

Which candle do you think you’d like the best? Share your thoughts with me in the comment section below!