Savor Summer with Dean’s DairyPure® Sour Cream!


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post written in collaboration with Dean Foods. All opinions are my own.

When I think of summer, I think of my favorite things – spending time with family and friends, being outside and making my favorite summertime recipes!

I love eating fruit during the summer months because it’s so refreshing! Whether it’s fresh fruit from the farmer’s market or fruit that’s chopped up and put into a fruit salad, if it’s put in front of me, I’ll eat it!

I especially love grape salad! My grandma used to make this recipe all the time when I was younger! The first time I tried it, I was hooked. The recipe is super easy and it doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. In fact, you could make this recipe in a matter of minutes.

Today I’m going to share this quick and easy recipe using Dean's® DairyPure® Sour Cream so that you can make it for your next family get together or for a potluck with friends.

You can feel good knowing that DairyPure Sour Cream and all other DairyPure products by Dean Foods have the 5-Point Purity Promise®. The 5-Point Purity Promise focuses on these five practices: no artificial growth hormones, milk is tested for antibiotics, purity is ensured through continuous quality testing, cows are fed a healthy diet and dairy products are cold-shipped from Dean Foods’ dairies.

So, when you use DairyPure Sour Cream in your household, you know that it's a high-quality product that's held to high standards, even before it gets placed on the shelf of your local grocery store! 

As for the grape salad recipe that I'm sharing today, here are the ingredients:

1 cup (8 ounces) of Dean’s® DairyPure® Sour Cream
1 package (8 ounces) of softened cream cheese
2 pounds of seedless red grapes
2 pounds of seedless green grapes
2 teaspoons of vanilla
1/3 cup sugar
3 tablespoons brown sugar
3 tablespoons chopped pecans and almonds

Ready to learn how to make this delicious grape salad? It's four easy steps! Let’s get to it!

1. Put the red and green grapes into a colander and rinse them under cold water. Once they’re rinsed and dried, set them aside.

2. In a separate mixing bowl, combine cream cheese, DairyPure® Sour Cream, sugar, brown sugar and vanilla. Mix with a hand mixer until ingredients are well blended and have a creamy consistency.

3. Add the grapes to the creamy mixture and use a large spoon to stir all of the ingredients together and to coat the grapes.

4. Before serving, top the salad with chopped pecans and almonds.

And voila! After following those steps, your grape salad is ready to be served! I told you that it was a quick and easy recipe. In fact, it's so easy that kids of any age could help you make it. Finding family-friendly recipes can be challenging, but this is one that you'll definitely want to add to your Pinterest board! 

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About Dean Foods: Dean Foods has more than 50 local and regional dairy brands. In addition to milk, their brands also distribute ice cream, juices, teas, bottled water and cultured products like sour cream. Some of their brands have been around more than 100 years, serving as the cornerstone in their community for providing wholesome, great-tasting DairyPure® products. DairyPure® Sour Cream is made with fresh milk and cream from local dairies and held to the standards of the 5-Point Purity Promise®.

Have you ever tried Dean's DairyPure® Sour Cream? How do you incorporate sour cream into your cooking?