My Weekend Trip to LA


Over the weekend I had the opportunity to travel to Los Angeles for a business trip with a colleague of mine. Both of us had never been to LA before, so spending the weekend there was a great experience. My coworker, Toni, and I flew to LAX early Saturday morning. Once we arrived, we grabbed our bags and hopped in the car with our Lyft driver to make our way to our hotel. We stayed in downtown LA at the Westin Bonaventure. 


The Westin Bonaventure is in the Financial District of LA and it’s surrounded by several other high rise buildings. The hotel gives you an almost 360 degree view of the city. We could see the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory from our rooms on the 21st floor. The elevators for the hotel are on the outside of the building as well, so you get great views of the city as you ride up to your room.

After getting settled into our rooms, we decided to meet up and walk to Grand Central Market which was recommended to us by the hotel staff at the front desk when we checked in. Grand Central Market is packed with tons of different food vendors. There's food ranging from Mexican, to Greek and Italian (and basically everything in between). We chose to split a chicken quesadilla and get ice cream for dessert. Everything we ate was delicious!   

Once we were finished with lunch, we walked back to our hotel and changed into our bathing suits so we could spend a little bit of time at the pool before the afternoon was over. It felt really nice to soak up a little bit of California sun. While we were there, it was about 75 degrees and there was a cool breeze. It was perfect!

After chillin’ by the pool for a while, we went back up to our rooms and got ready for dinner. We had a dinner reservation in Santa Monica at 8:30, but we wanted to head into town a bit early so we could walk on the pier and check out the beach. When we got to Santa Monica, the pier was absolutely packed. There were people all over the place! The sun was just about the set, so we made it there in the knick of time. While we were on the pier, we popped into some gift shops and watched some musicians. We contemplated going on a ferris wheel ride but decided not to since it was a bit windy and cold. 

Before we grabbed dinner, we met up with some friends who are local to the LA area for drinks at a place called Cabo Cantina. I don’t think I’ve ever had or seen margaritas bigger than the ones we had here. I should have snapped a photo to show you guys but I honestly didn't even think about it. My friend ordered a strawberry margarita and I had a watermelon one. They were so huge we could have easily split one. In addition to our ginormous margaritas, we also had some chips and salsa.

After our time at Cabo Cantina we were ready for dinner! We walked down the street to the Fairmont Miramar Hotel. Inside the hotel was a restaurant called FIG where we met up with our work partners who would be with us for our business event the next day. We had great conversation over drinks, appetizers and our main meal. Toni and I had interacted with our partners over email many times before, but this was our first time meeting them in person so it was nice to get to know them and put names to faces. Once our meal ended and the bill was paid, we all went our separate ways back to our hotels in downtown LA. 

On Sunday we had our business event so we were busy for the majority of the day. After being on our feet all day, we just wanted to relax. On top of that, we were super tired from the time change. We’re used to the Eastern time zone, so being three hours behind in California really threw off our internal clocks. We decided to have a lowkey evening and got dinner at a Mexican restaurant across the street from our hotel. Do you see a theme here? We felt like we had Mexican food a lot during this trip!

Once dinner concluded, we crossed the street back to our hotel and went to bed. We were both so exhausted from a full day of activity that we just crashed. I packed up my belongings before bed since we had to leave our hotel by 4:30 a.m. to make it to the airport in time for our early flight home.

Overall, we had a really great trip! It was short and sweet. Now that we're back home, we're very tired, so I'm off to get some shut eye before heading to work tomorrow. 

Have you ever been to Los Angeles or SoCal? If so, I'd love to hear about it in the comments below! Or, if you've never visited, is it a place that you'd like to travel to someday? Let me know!