My Must Haves for a Day at the Lake


This post has been sponsored by the PRIMP Network. All opinions are my own.

Living in Michigan, I grew up around water. There are lakes all over the place in my home state, so spending time near the water is something my family and I enjoy. My parents have a house on a lake and we always spend time there during long summer weekends or holidays. It's so much fun to go swimming, jet skiing, boating and to just watch the waves crash into the shore. If the weather is nice, you can usually find us down by the water having some fun in the sun. 

Since we spend so much time by the lake, I thought I'd write a blog post that rounds up my must haves for a day at the lake. Read on to see what I recommend to have on hand when you're by the water. 

Water and Snacks

It’s always smart to stay hydrated while enjoying time in the sun. Packing a cooler full of water bottles and snacks will ensure that everyone has something to sip and snack on while spending time by the water. Some of my favorite snacks to pack when I’m spending time by the lake are trail mix, chips and dip (or salsa), fruits and veggies.


I have blonde hair and I love the way that it gets lighter in the summer. I’ve been using SunIn to help amplify the natural color of my locks and it works so well (it works for those that have brunette hair, too). When I’m sitting on the dock by the lake or laying out and soaking up the sun, I spritz a little SunIn in my hair and let it work its magic. SunIn is great because it’s alcohol-free and it conditions my hair while it lightens (it has botanical extracts). My favorite part about SunIn is that it’s heat-activated, so you can use it while you’re sitting out in the sun or while you’re using your hair dryer. When I’m not spending time by the lake, I use SunIn in the morning and spray it into my hair after I get out of the shower. I use my hair dryer to dry my hair and SunIn makes it as colorful and shiny as ever. I always buy SunIn from Walmart. It’s so convenient for me to pick it up while I’m out running errands and grabbing all my other lake day necessities!


When my family and I are spending time by the lake, we can never have enough towels on hand. We get in and out of the water to cool off on hot days so we’re constantly drying off with towels and laying them over our chairs so we can sit down. I’m a big fan of XL towels since I can wrap them around my whole body and dry off quickly.


Wearing SPF while out by the lake is super important. I’m a big advocate for protecting your skin from the sun’s harmful rays, so I always make sure to apply sunscreen on my face while I’m getting ready each day. When I know that I’ll be spending time out by the water, I apply sunscreen 15 minutes before going outside and I continually reapply it throughout the day. I typically wear SPF 30, so that’s what I reach for in my beach bag.

So, there you have it! Those are my main staples for the lake. 

Whether it's by a lake or near the ocean, do you enjoy spending time near the water? Have you ever tried SunIn before? Leave me a comment below and let me know!