Viva La Mexico! My First Trip to Cabo San Lucas


If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you know that my husband and I got married last summer and we spent our honeymoon in St. Thomas! We had the time of our lives and enjoyed everything from delicious food to awesome snorkeling adventures.

As we left our wedding reception and were heading to our hotel for the night, I received a voicemail saying that our flight for the next day was cancelled. I was absolutely devastated. After experiencing an extreme high all day long, it seemed like everything crashed and burned that night with the news that we wouldn’t be able to start our honeymoon right away like we anticipated.

After calling the airline about our cancelled flight I ended up getting two hefty travel vouchers for my troubles. My husband and I quickly decided that we wanted to spend our airline vouchers and make our way to Cabo San Lucas for a week of fun in the sun.

Once we arrived in Cabo, we were so surprised to see all of the damage from tropical storm Lidia, which struck the Cabo region just one day earlier. Cabo received three years’ worth of rainfall in a matter of two days! As a result of all the rain that fell in the mountains, water runoff carried tons of sand and trash down to sea level. What would have normally been a 45-minute shuttle ride to our hotel ended up taking us two hours. Five to six feet of sand buried the roadways and bulldozers had to dig through and create a place for the cars to drive. Everywhere we looked there was destruction. Seeing the aftermath of the storm made us feel so terrible, but we were glad to see that the residents of Cabo were coming together to get their town back on its feet.

After our shuttle ride, we were very relieved to make it to our hotel. We spent a week at Villa Del Arco, a resort that is situated right next to two other hotels – Villa La Estancia and Villa Del Palmar. Our room at the hotel was a suite, so we had a huge balcony, two bathrooms, a full kitchen and dining area, a living room, a washer and dryer and a huge king size bed! It was amazing!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to swim in the ocean or do anything on the beach during our trip. The Mexican government actually issued a mandate that all beaches were to be closed and that the public weren’t allowed to go swimming due to all of the trash that flowed into the ocean. This was a huge bummer since my husband and I both love the beach and we were looking forward to visiting Lover’s Beach and Divorce Beach.

While in Cabo, we enjoyed dinner at two great restaurants off the resort property. We went to Mi Casa in downtown Cabo San Lucas and to Villa Serena. Both meals we had were delicious. I especially enjoyed the authentic tortilla soup (I had tortilla soup three times during our trip and the day after I got home from Mexico I was already craving it again).

Mi Casa is an open-air restaurant that has a menu full of traditional Mexican food, while Villa Serena overlooks the ocean and serves more surf and turf types of dishes. Aside from eating at restaurants around Cabo, we ate at a handful of restaurants at our hotel.

Knowing that snorkeling and all beach activities were off limits for the week, my husband and I booked a sunset sailing excursion through a tour company called Cabo Adventures. The sunset sail was definitely a big highlight of our trip. We started off with mimosas in hand and sailed out of the marina and into the Sea of Cortes.

In addition to open bar, we enjoyed an assortment of canapes and mini desserts. Everything we had was delicious and the staff onboard the sailboat were super friendly! After sailing on the Pacific side and in the Sea of Cortes for about two and a half hours, we returned back to the marina and made our way back to the hotel.

The rest of our trip was spent lounging pool side and getting some much-needed R&R. We soaked up as much sun as possible until it was time for was to leave Cabo and go back home. On our way back, both of our flights had several empty rows so my husband and I claimed one each flight and ended up scoring some extra room – don’t you love when that happens?!

Despite getting off to an unexpected start, we had a wonderful time in Cabo. It was so cool to visit a place that my husband grew up going to. In our first year of marriage we each took each other to a place that is special to us. Back in May I took my husband to Lake Tahoe so this time around it was his turn and he took me to Cabo!

Have you ever been to Cabo? If so, where did you stay and what did you do while you were there? If not, is it a destination that you’d like to visit someday? Let me know in the comment section below.