Get to Know Me From A to Z


Now that I've been in the blogging world for a month, I thought it would be fun to write a little "get to know me" post. I'm hoping that my readers find some things that we might have in common based on the answers I've given below.

For this post, I listed out every letter in the alphabet and filled in a short prompt based on the letter. You may have seen these types of surveys on other blogs, but I filled in the letters and adapted the prompts to be more fitting to me and my blog (in other words, I didn't copy and paste a survey I saw elsewhere and fill it in with my answers). 

A: Animal
I love animals. I was convinced that I was going to grow up and become a Vet when I was younger. Dogs are definitely my favorite. I've been a huge dog person ever since I was a kid. I just love how every dog has their own personality and quirks. My husband and I have a Lab named Oakley and he is quite the character. I've never seen a dog love people and other dogs as much as he does. 


B: Bad Habits
I'd have to say that my worst habits are playing with my hair and biting the inside of my cheek. I think I mostly do those two things when I'm bored or nervous. I can also get really impatient with people and easily frustrated sometimes, but those are things I'm constantly working to get better at. 

C: Class Clown
During my senior year of high school all the seniors voted in mock awards. I was chosen as the class clown! When I first told my parents they weren't happy at all! They thought being known as the class clown came off as me being obnoxious or something. That was totally not the case! I was actually a pretty quiet student in class. My sense of humor is really witty, dry and sarcastic. I love to make people laugh and I enjoy a good pun now and then! 

D: Dream
I feel like I haven't really remembered any dreams that I've had lately, but I have had several dreams where my teeth have been crumbling or falling out of my mouth. Super weird! I know that people say that you can analyze your dreams and that they actually mean something.

E: Embarrassing Moment
Thank God I haven't had too many embarrassing moments in my life. I will say that the most embarrassing moment that I can recall is from when I was younger. I was at a friend's house with a handful of girls in my class. We had all just gotten back from a bike ride through the neighborhood and we were grabbing popsicles to enjoy outside. Some of my friends had gone outside near the pool so I was running through the basement to catch up with them. I totally didn't see that the screen door was shut, so I ended up plowing right through it and I literally knocked the door off it's track. The whole door fell down and I fell down with it. I felt so bad that I just busted my friend's screen door. Her dad had to come downstairs to fix it. Oops!

F: For Fun
For fun I love to go shopping or go to the movies! I also enjoy activities where I can be creative like painting pottery. I basically love anything that gets me out of the house to do things that I don't have the chance to do on a regular basis. 

G: Game
I love playing games with family and friends. I grew up playing Pictionary, so that's probably one of my all-time favorites. I seriously rock at that game. There have been times where I've been able to guess what something was based on what someone drew after only ten seconds had elapsed in the game. As far as video games go, I'm definitely a Mario Kart or Mario Party type of girl. Nintendo GameCube is where it's at! I do love playing Wii games, too! 

H: Holiday
My favorite holiday is Christmas. I love everything that comes along with Christmas - decorating the tree and putting lights up outside, baking Christmas cookies, exchanging gifts and seeing the expression on someone's face when they open something they really wanted, and just spending time with loved ones. 

I: Ideal Day
I think my idea of an ideal day is sleeping in, having a good breakfast and then spending time outside with my husband and our dog. After that, we'd head to lunch at one of our favorite restaurants and eat out on the patio. Once lunch wraps up, we'd head downtown and explore the shops and boutiques. For dinner, we'd cook a meal together at home and end the night watching movies or catching up on our favorite TV shows. 

J: Journalism
I received my Bachelor's degree in journalism! I originally went in to college wanting to major in broadcasting, but I changed my major during my second semester of my freshman year. Looking back, I'm so glad I made that decision. I have always loved writing and I'm able to use those skills every day in my line of work and when I'm writing my blog! 

K: Katie
For anyone new who is stopping by here at Millennial on the Move, my name is Katie. My family has this tradition (I have no idea how it even started), where all of the girl cousins have names that start with the letter K and all of the boy cousins have names that start with the letter C. 

L: Left handed
Yep, I'm a lefty! Growing up I always struggled with scissors, writing in spiral notebooks, finding a desk for left-handers in high school and college, etc. Right handed people, you don't know how good you have it! People say that lefties are more creative, so at least I have that going for me! I also get lots of compliments on my handwriting, so that's a plus as well! 

M: Most Cherished Memory
It would be impossible for me to pick just one. Some of my most cherished memories involve my grandparents who are no longer living. I love thinking back on times that I had with my grandparents when I was a kid. Also, all of the memories from my wedding day are super important to me.

N: Number of siblings
I have one older sister! We actually lived together for two years while my parents lived overseas. It was great to have my sister as a roommate because we obviously grew up together. We used to bicker a lot when we were younger, but as we have grown up, we have definitely grown closer. I also have a brother-in-law and two sisters-in-law. 

O: Occupation
I work in the PR/Social Media field. I really love my job because I'm able to communicate with people over platforms I love like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It blows my mind that I have the word "social media" in my job title. I would have never thought that having the occupation that I do was a possibility when I was younger, but it's honestly such an important field. 

P: Pet Peeves
I have so many. Here is a brief summary of all the things that get on my nerves: 

  • Slow walkers and drivers 
  • Online shipping charges
  • Clapping at the end of a movie or when the pilot lands the plane 
  • People who show up to things late (I can let it slide most times, but if it's a consistent thing then it bothers me)
  • When people don't put in equal effort during group projects (this more so bothered me back in high school and college - I don't run into this problem nearly as much in my professional life)

Q: Quote
I have always loved the quote "we accept the love we think we deserve" from the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I remember checking that book out from the library and reading it in one day back when I was in high school. I was so happy to see that made the book into a movie. I really enjoyed the film! 

R: Restaurant
There are a few local places where I live that I really enjoy, but as far as popular national restaurants, I love Buffalo Wild Wings! Boneless wings with honey BBQ sauce dipped in ranch is one of my favorite meals. I love their crispy chicken wraps, too! I'm also a big fan of Olive Garden - keep the bread sticks coming! 

S: Sport
I was a competitive swimmer in high school, so swimming is definitely my favorite sport to participate in. I swam both sprint and distance freestyle races (I know those are the complete opposite, but I would swim a 500 free and then turn around and be in the 200 free relay). As far as my favorite sport to watch goes, I love watching college football. There's something so awesome about seeing a school fill a stadium to cheer on their football team on Saturdays in the fall! 

T: Travel Destination
This is super hard for me to narrow down since I love to travel. If I had to pick my absolute favorite place in the world, it would have to be Munich, Germany. Munich was the first city in Europe that I ever visited. I went there on a trip with my family before starting my freshman year of high school. I love everything about the city - the downtown market, the glockenspiel, the churches, the Hofbrauhaus. I also love how there are so many other cool things to see and do near by. It's a really neat city with a lot to offer! 


U: Unknown Fact About Me
I was moved up a grade in elementary school! My family and I had just relocated to Michigan from Missouri and I was starting first grade in a new school and a new school district. My skill level was past the curriculum of my first grade class (I was literally reading books to my other classmates who had yet to learn to read themselves) so I was moved up to second grade! I basically did a semester of first grade, a semester of second grade and then I moved on the third grade. 

V: Vacation Plans for 2017
I have a lot of trips in the works for this year. Some are for work and some are for leisure. I'll be heading to LA in a few weeks, then after that I'll be going on a family trip to San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. In the fall my husband and I will venture to Cabo for a late one -year wedding anniversary trip. In addition to those plans, my husband and I also try to go to Florida as often as we can, so we'll probably end up there at some point this year! 

W: Where I Wish I Could Be
Most of the time I'm fairly content just being at home. I do love to travel and I've been lucky to visit many different places. At this very moment in time, I wish I was on the beach at Trunk Bay in St. John. My husband and I visited Trunk Bay in early August and we had an absolute blast at the beach together. It is definitely the most beautiful beach I've ever seen. The water is straight up turquoise and the bottom is soft white sand. I could spend hours there just playing in the water and laying on the beach. 

X: X-Ray
Okay, this letter is impossible. Do you really care whether I've gotten an x-ray before? Probably not. But, the answer is yes. I have gotten x-rays on my foot before. 

Y: Your Favorite and Least Favorite Foods
I love pizza! Pepperoni pizza is definitely my all-time favorite food. As far as my least favorite food goes, I hate eggs. No matter how they're made, I will refuse to eat eggs. I think my biggest problem is that I don't like the smell or texture of them. I remember eating them when I was younger and I absolutely hated them. 

Z: Zodiac Sign
My birthday is in November, so that makes me a Scorpio! I used to read my horoscope for fun every now and then, but I don't really pay too much attention to it anymore. I think astrology is super interesting, though! 

There you have it! I hope this helped you learn a little bit more about the girl behind Millennial on the Move.

I'd love to hear more about you! Pick a letter from the list above and give me your answer in the comment section below!