Cute Desk Accessories to Spice Up Your Workspace

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If you have a 9-5 job like me, chances are that you spend a lot of time at your desk sitting down at your computer. No one wants a boring work environment. We spend more time at our jobs during the week than we do at home. Think about that for a second. Your desk is literally your home away from home.

Let your personality shine through and decorate your desk with fun accessories that reflect who you are. Make your workspace truly feel like a second home with these fun accessories! 

Deco Dots Sticky Note Set* - I love having cute sticky notes! This Kate Spade set comes with several different paper sizes, so it's perfect for any sticky note need you may have! It doesn't hurt that the patterns on the notes are super cute, either! ($16.00 at Nordstrom)


WTF? Stamp*- Sometimes, you just really need to let people know what's on your mind and a stamp can say it all! This WTF? stamp is perfect for getting your point across in a quick and concise way. ($8.99 @ Amazon)


A Day at The Beach Sand Zen Garden* - As the wise rapper Lil Wayne once said: "Life is a beach, I'm just playin' in the sand." You can play in the sand and dream of your upcoming PTO days with this cool beach themed zen garden. It even comes with fun in the sun accessories like a shovel, rake and bucket so you can build sand castles. ($23.00 @ Amazon)


Desk Organizer Set* - Having your pens, sticky notes, pads of paper and other desk supplies in one place definitely makes a difference. Don't you just feel better when you know where something is rather than just having it thrown in a random drawer? This organizer set comes with a sticky note holder, a pen holder and a file organizer. ($13.99 @ Amazon)


Someecards Day-to-Day Calendar* - Year-in-a-box/day-to-day calendars are the bomb! They give you something to look forward to every day. You can go into work, sit down at your desk and know that you have a fun new message to read when you tear off the previous day's message. Someecards are hilarious! Each page will have a funny saying that you'll most likely nod your head at and related to on a personal level. Kiss your boring calendar with scenic landscapes goodbye and get one of these! ($9.62 @ Amazon)


Desk Cube With Four Drawers* - If you're anything like me, you love to be organized! This desk cube lets you keep all of your things in one place. I love that it's clear so you can easily see what's inside. It's perfect for storing pens, pencils, highlighters, rubber bands, extra staples and more! ($12.79 @ Target)


Gold Acrylic Stapler And Tape Dispenser Set* - These are office essentials! How cute is this set? You never know when you might need a piece of tape or when documents need to be stapled together, so these will be right at home on your desk. If rose gold is your thing, you'll definitely want to snatch up this pretty little desk set. ($24.99 @ TJMaxx)


Get Chic Done Paperweight* - I love a good play on words, so I was instantly drawn to this adorable paperweight. The mirrored finish gives it a cool, modern look that'll match any almost any work space. Whether you use it as an accent piece or to actually hold down a stack of papers that you want to stay put, people will know you mean business if they see this on your desk. ($9.99 @ TJMaxx)


Artificial Succulent* - Desk plants are the cutest. They help bring an earthy feel to the office. Keep your desk lookin' fresh with an artificial succulent. Although it's not real, it's better than getting a living plant and forgetting to water it or take care of it. Plus, if you don't sit by a window, fake plants are the way to go! ($14.99 @ Target)


Octopus Bookends* - I'd have to rate these bookends a tentacle out of ten! Ha, get it? Bah dum tisssssss. For real though, this set of bookends is super cool. Who wouldn't want these in their home office or on their desk at work? These are almost sold out, so hurry up and snag 'em before they're gone! ($24.99 @ TJMaxx)


High Heel Cell Phone Stand* - I have a cell phone holder at my desk and I love it! Mine isn't as cute as this one, but having a designated place to put your phone is so nice. When my phone is propped up in a holder, I'm able to quickly see my notifications. You can put your cell phone holder right under your monitor and keep an eye on the latest Instagram notifications and text messages as they come through. ($10.00 @ Amazon


Emoji Sticker Set* - These are just so fun! Who remembers getting cool stickers on their homework in elementary school?! Commend your colleagues on a job well done and give them a thumbs up emoji sticker. Invite a work friend out to lunch and give them the pizza sticker! You get the idea. Why send a text when you can pass someone a sticker? Emoji stickers can say it all.  ($12.99 @ Urban Outfitters)



Hope you enjoyed this roundup of cute desk accessories! Having a space that's all your own while you're busy at work is very important. Dress up your desk or workspace just like you'd decorate your home. If you include things you love on and around your desk, it'll feel more comfortable and welcoming! 

What are your favorite desk accessories? Did you see anything you liked above? 
Leave me a comment and let me know!