The Best Travel Size Products to Keep in Your Carry-On Bag

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I'm a huge fan of traveling light and packing my things in carry-on bags. Being able to bypass the airline ticket counter, bag check lines and the baggage claim area at the airport is a major plus. I also love knowing where my things are at all times and having my essentials handy in case I need anything while waiting at the airport or while on board a long flight. 

Since I've become accustomed to packing my things into carry-on bags I've had the chance to test out a lot of travel size products. Before each business trip or vacation I take, I raid the travel size aisle at the store and stock up on my favorite products. I could write a whole separate post focusing on the makeup I pack when traveling, but for purposes of this post I'm going to be focusing on facial, body and hair products. All of these items are products that'll help you get through either a short or long flight. If you need to freshen up while you're on the plane, you can just reach into your bag and pull out any of these items. 

You can purchase most of these products at your local retailer or online. Here are the travel size products that I always keep in my carry-on bag:


1. Toothpaste and Travel Size Toothbrush
This is an obvious one, right? You can take any toothbrush you want when you travel, but I love using travel size toothbrushes because they're smaller and more compact. They don't take up too much space in my toiletry bag and that allows me to have more space to pack other items. 

2. Q-tips
I use Q-tips every single day. They're one of my favorite beauty tools. I use them to touch up the areas around my eyes when I'm applying eyeliner and eye shadow. I also use them to remove makeup from the more delicate areas of my face, such as my eyelids and under my eyes. When I'm on an airplane or at the airport and I need to do a quick touch up, I'll pull out a few Q-tips and remove any eyeliner or mascara that has gone astray. 

3. Lip Balm
I can't go anywhere without lip balm. I mostly use Chapstick brand since that's what I've always bought, but I'm also a fan of Burt's Bees, Blistex and EOS. Soft Lips lip balm is great too since it comes in such a skinny tube! No matter where I go, I always make sure that I have lip balm in my bag or purse. 

4. Makeup Remover Wipes
I don't know about you, but I cannot live without my makeup wipes when I travel. Having to wash off my makeup with hotel-provided bar soap makes my eyes water just thinking about it. Tossing a small pack of makeup wipes into your toiletry bag is a must-do as you pack for your next vacation. I've tried everything from Neutrogena to Simple brand makeup wipes. To me they're all the same. You could even get away with store brand wipes - they do the job just as well! 

5. Lotion or Hand Cream
Having dry skin, especially when traveling, is the worst! I always keep Nivea Creme in my bag. After washing my hands I apply Nivea in order to keep them smooth and moisturized. I love Nivea's packaging - the lotion comes in a small tin that can fit easily into any bag or purse. Once I've used up all of the lotion, I like to repurpose the tins and use them to carry small things like medicine/pills or tiny pieces of jewelry. 

6. Aquaphor
This is one of my favorite products! Aquaphor is a must-have item if you're going on a trip with extreme weather conditions (think blistery winter conditions or hot, beating sun). When my skin is dry or cracked, I just slather on a little bit of Aquaphor and by morning my skin is magically on it's way to being healed. My favorite use for Aquaphor is to bring moisture to my skin after I've been in the sun for a while. If I have sunburned lips or if my skin is starting to peel after a sunburn, I'll exfoliate the area and apply some Aquaphor to help repair the area. 

7. Contact Lens Solution
I wear contacts, so I can't travel without packing contact lens solution and a contacts case. I normally use Opti Free contact lens solution, but when I'm traveling I use BioTrue. In my opinion, the BioTrue travel size bottle isn't as bulky as Opti Free's travel size bottle. It's a bit more tall and skinny so it fits better in my TSA quart-sized bag of liquids. If I'm on a long haul flight I'll take my contacts out, wear my glasses during the flight and put them back in just before the plane is about to land. 

8. Cetaphil Face and Body Moisturizer
I just recently started using Cetaphil moisturizer and I love it. My husband uses it and I found myself stealing a little bit out of his bottle each day after I got out of the shower. For me and my skin type, Cetaphil moisturizer isn't greasy and it asorbs into my skin relatively quickly. I put face lotion on everyday to keep my skin from getting dry. 

9. Hair Spray
Using hair spray isn't a huge part of my daily routine when I'm at home because I mostly wear my hair down and straight, but when I travel I use it all the time. I need for everything from pulling my bangs back and keeping them in place to holding a curly hairstyle. I prefer aerosol hairsprays over non-aerosol because I think they provide better hold and better coverage when it comes to my hair type. 

10. Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo is life changing, isn't it? If my hair is feeling flat or greasy I just spray a bit of dry shampoo on my roots and comb through. It completely revives my hair and brings it back to life. I love keeping dry shampoo in my carry-on bag because it helps me tame my hair if it has gone out of whack. 

11. Deodorant
Last but not least is deodorant. This is a great thing to keep in your carry-on bag, especially if you want to freshen up after a long flight. Travel size deodorants are really convenient to pack for short trips, but if you're planning on going on a longer vacation, you'd probably be better off packing a larger size. I've never had a problem taking a full size deodorant through airport security. 

Don't forget about the 3-1-1 rule when you travel with carry-on bags. TSA's 3-1-1- rule states that your travel size items should be 3.4 ounces or less and all of your items should fit in one quart-size ziploc bag. Quart-size bags of liquid are limited to one per traveler, so pack your travel size products wisely. 

If you have products that are over 3.4 ounces you can always buy travel size containers and fill them yourself. I've transferred sunscreen, aloe, face wash and more into my own containers to make sure that I had all of my essentials with me while I was on vacation. 

What travel items do you always make sure to pack when traveling? Share with me in the comment section below!