Baewatch: A Millennial Lifeguarding Love Story


When I started this blog I knew that I wanted to write about things in the lifestyle, travel and career categories, but I want to make sure that I share some personal stories and experiences with my readers as well. I think it's so important to form a connection with your audience and I want whoever visits my blog to see that I'm a real person who has had experiences just like them. 

If you're married, engaged or in a serious relationship, I'm sure you can recall the first time you met your significant other. Whether it was just an ordinary day or a magical meeting that swept you off your feet, you most likely have memories from that day and you can recall certain details every time you think about it. Today I'm going to be sharing the story of how I met my husband. 

Let me start off by giving you some background details. When I was in high school I was a member of the swim and dive team. I swam competitively from my freshman to my senior year. I was 15 going on 16 (during my sophomore year of high school) and one of my friends and teammates approached me and asked if I was looking for a summer job. I hadn't quite thought about getting a job just yet, but I wanted to hear what she had to say. She told me that the country club she worked at was looking to hire lifeguards for the summer. I told her I was interested and went home to discuss the job with my family. 

Since my sister is older than me and she had worked as a lifeguard previously, I told her about the job. We both decided that we wanted to learn more details about the job and we ultimately decided to work at the country club over the upcoming summer. I took a course to become a certified lifeguard (I passed with flying colors since I already knew how to swim and I took the course during swim season) and the rest is history! 

I worked at the pool for two years and I absolutely loved it. Before I knew it, my third year summer at the pool was starting up. The pool was open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but the lifeguards often reported to work early to have staff lifeguard training and in-service days. During these days we practiced our lifeguarding skills and made sure that the pool was in good shape for the upcoming season. 

My sister and I arrived to the first in-service of the 2011 pool season and I noticed a few new faces. There were typically a handful of new employees each year at the pool, but it seemed like there were more new staff members than normal this particular year. 

Once the season was in full swing, I was super busy with all of my jobs at the pool. Not only was I a lifeguard, but I also worked as a swim instructor and I was the assistant swim coach of the country club team. I was basically at the pool all day, every day. 

The pool manager set the lifeguard schedule so there were some shifts where I worked with my sister and some where I worked with other lifeguards. Since I had so many jobs at the pool, I got to know all of the staff pretty well. People were coming and going for their shifts as I was entering or leaving the pool. 

The beautiful thing about being a lifeguard at the country club where I worked was that the pool was either extremely busy and packed with people or there was no one there. When you work as a lifeguard, you watch the pool as part of a rotation pattern. When the pool wasn't that busy, we'd rotate every 20 minutes. There were a minimum of three lifeguards on every shift, so that meant that you were 20 minutes on and 40 minutes off. Not a bad gig at all!

Here's a random photo that my husband took of me back when we were lifeguards. check out those instagram editing skills, thooooo. 

Here's a random photo that my husband took of me back when we were lifeguards. check out those instagram editing skills, thooooo. 


Since there was so much downtime, that left a lot of time to talk with coworkers in the lifeguard office. I worked a few shifts with this guy named Kyle and at first we didn't talk a whole lot. We mostly just saw each other in passing since we worked on opposite shifts, but as the summer went on we started to work together more frequently. We both had really similar senses of humor and we found it easy to poke fun at one another. 

One day, while I was at home I received a text from a phone number that I didn't recognize. After reading the message, I knew that it was from Kyle because it referenced an inside joke that we had from work. Turns out that he got my number off of the staff contact sheet that was posted in the lifeguard office. SMOOOOOTH, right? We continued to text for the rest of the evening. The next day I found myself really surprised by how easy and fun it was to text back and forth with him. I found myself thinking about Kyle and wondering what he was up to so I decided to send him a text. Our flirtation over text messages carried over into the workplace and eventually we decided to go out on a date. 

On our first date, we decided to ditch our bathing suits and sunglasses and head out to dinner and movie. We actually went to see the very last Harry Potter movie when it was in theaters (seems like ages ago now). Turns out, Kyle had only seen the first Harry Potter movie, so he had absolutely no idea what was going on in the story line. He kept turning to me during the movie to ask questions. After the movies, we grabbed a quick bite to eat at Applebee's. We decided to go there since it was across the street from the movie theater. We both weren't very hungry at all, but we knew that we didn't want to go home just yet. We split an order or chicken fingers and fries and just talked about life. 

From that day on, we continued to talk and take things slow until about two months later when we decided to have an exclusive relationship. Now, we've been together for over five years. When I tell other people this story, I always joke around and say that we were both on "Baewatch." This obviously references the popular lifeguard TV show Baywatch. I promise, there was no slow motion running or scenes with wind blowing in our hair on the pool deck when Kyle and I were lifeguards. 

The first photo we took together. 

The first photo we took together. 

A photo of us from our wedding.

A photo of us from our wedding.


If you have a significant other, do you remember what it was like when you first met them? I'd love to hear, so share with me in the comments below!