8 Things To Do During Your Commute


Is your drive home from work feeling dull? Does being stuck in traffic drive you crazy? Maybe it's time to switch up what you do to keep yourself entertained during drive time. I've had long commutes for a good amount of my career. My drive to and from my job now is way shorter than commutes that I had to other workplaces in the past, but that doesn't mean that I don't get bored during my 30 minute trip. 

There's only so many things you can do behind the wheel of your car. Your main focus should be on the road. Never let distractions get in your way. I never text and drive and you'll see later on this post that when I talk on the phone I take advantage of my car's bluetooth system and talk hands-free. As long as you can drive safely, you can learn to love your commute by checking out these things to keep your drive interesting: 

1. Tune in to the radio
Satellite radio is a GAME CHANGER. No commercials? Yes please! I'm a sucker for SiriusXM Satellite radio. When it comes to music, I have really simple taste. I love pop music, especially the top 40 hits. My favorite channels on SiriusXM are: SiriusXM Hits 1, 90's on 9 (hello, Spice Girls throwback jams), Pop2K, The Pulse and The Heat.
If you don't have satellite radio and you don't mind commercials here and there, you can listen to the local radio stations in your city. Thumb through your presets and see if any stations are playing a song you like. 

2. Listen to an audio book
If you love to read, you're probably a fan of listening to books, too. Head to your local library and see if you can find any interesting audio books to enjoy during your drive home. If you don't mind paying for an audio book, you can check out sites like Audible and Audiobooks. Both sites let you download and stream your books on devices like your smartphone or tablet. Additionally, Audible and Audiobooks have free trial offers that let you listen to your first book for free. 

3. Play your favorite podcast
If you like talk radio, you'll love podcasts! Podcasts span a variety of subject, so you're bound to find one that interests you! If you like The Bachelor, you might like the Here to Make Friends podcast. The iTunes App Store has plenty to choose from. I've been really wanting to start the Serial podcast. I've heard it's great! 

4. Use hands-free calling to phone a family member or friend
This is my absolute favorite thing to do when I drive home from work. I love calling people from the car, especially my mom and dad. It's nice to be able to catch up with them while I'm doing something that's so mundane. If you decide to call someone during your ride, I highly suggest pairing your phone to your car via bluetooth so you can take advantage of hands-free calling (if your car has technology that allows this). If you have OnStar, you can also place calls using their services. 


5. Enjoy some quiet time and decompress from your day
After a full day at work, it's nice to have some time to yourself to just relax and clear your mind. Maybe not doing anything but focusing on the road is how you like to spend the time during your drive home. Sometimes listening to the car's tires glide over the pavement is soothing. 

6. Have a conversation with someone you carpooled with
If you carpool with someone to work, you can always strike up a conversation and discuss your day. Just like making a phone call during your drive, talking while you're on your ride can help pass the time. Who knows, maybe you'll get lost in conversation and wind up at home before you know it. 

7. Take in the scenery around you
The world is a beautiful place and many times when we're driving we don't notice what's around us. Chances are that you drive the same route home every day. Have you ever looked around at stop lights to admire what you pass?

8. Daydream
I'm definitely guilty of daydreaming while I drive. I've even gotten all the way to my destination and wondered "how did I even get here?!" because I've been so lost in thought. It's always fun to think of different memories you have or things that have yet to happen in your life. I've daydreamed about people, places and basically everything in between during my commute. 

So, next time you're feeling a little bored on your way home from work and you're not quite sure how to keep yourself occupied (especially when you're stuck in traffic), think about switching up your routine! Try any of the suggestions above and let me know how you like it! 

What do you do on your drive home from work or school? Leave me a comment and let me know below!