11 of the Best Things About Having a Sister

It's National Siblings Day! If you grew up with a brother or a sister, you should probably post a picture of them to Instagram or something today to celebrate ;) I have an older sister and I couldn't have imagined my childhood without her. If you have a sister like me, I bet you can agree on some of the things I've highlighted below. 

1. If you did something bad when you were growing up, you probably blamed your sister and got away with it
When you were younger, placing blame on your sister became a knee-jerk reaction. It was something you just did. Maybe you're not proud of it now, but it sure felt good to dodge a bullet with your parents and play a sly trick on your sibling. Go ahead, text or call your sister now and apologize for everything you put her through. 

2. You always get asked if you're twins, so you could really fool some people if you wanted to
You have the same parents, you look alike, you dress alike and some people may even think you talk alike and act alike. It's no wonder people get you mixed up all the time! Maybe you could get away with using her ID if you wanted to, but you were never brave enough to do things that real twins do like switching places in classes at school. 

3. You can share clothes and basically double your wardrobe
Not only is your sister your shopping buddy, she's your personal stylist! You can go to her and ask what she thinks of your outfit and she'll instantly notice if you're wearing something of hers. She grabs clothes from your closet just as much, so everything evens itself out and you have come to terms that you'll just share clothes for as long as you live together. 

4. You always have someone to hang around with at events and family gatherings
Need a date to a work function? Your sister is always down to go with you. Want someone to whisk you away when Uncle Larry has had too many cocktails and starts asking you to pull his finger? Just shoot a look to your sis and she'll swoop in to save the day. When it comes to you and your sister, you always know what the other is thinking and you've basically agreed to stick by each other whenever you're surrounded by a lot of people. 

5. Since you've known her your whole life, you have an array of inside jokes
Your sister has been there through it all and you've experienced a lot of funny moments together. Chances are that you have a lot of funny inside jokes that have accumulated over the years. Plus, making fun of your parents isn't as fun unless you have someone else laughing along with you!

6. She was your first and best roommate
Whether you had bunk beds or twin beds, when you and your sis shared a room you established boundaries from the start. She got the top bunk. You weren't allowed to touch her stuffed animals. She couldn't play with your new toy unless she asked. Aside from having your own spaces and rules in your room, you always had her to talk to before bed. If you had a bad dream, you could crawl into her bed and she'd make you feel better. If you woke up before mom and dad and needed to pass the time, you'd play with Barbies together or she'd read you a book. 

7. You trade hair and makeup tips
You both have your preferred makeup products and your go-to hairstyles, but if you if need help getting ready for a night out your sister will be right there to apply your eye shadow just the way you like it or let you know what shade of lipstick you should go with. If your sister just perfected her contour technique, she's not afraid to dish all the details to you so you can get the same look. 

8. When you were in school, you sister helped you with homework and studying
Whether you have an older sister or a younger sister, you could always go to her for help with school projects or assignments. If you needed someone to run through flashcards with you or take a look at your diorama, your sis was the perfect person to ask! 

9. You have someone who doesn't hesitate to tell embarrassing stories about you to your friends 
Fitting in and looking cool in front of your friends seemed like one of the most important things to you when you were younger. You never wanted them to find out your most embarrassing moments like how you still slept with stuffed animals or you were afraid of the dark. You know who didn't have a problem poking fun at you in front of all of your pals? Your sister. Luckily, it was all in good fun and she never went too far with her jokes. 

10. She will always give you her honest opinion on things no matter what
Sisters are honest. Sometimes brutally honest. They know what they like and what they don't like and they have no problem telling it like it is. If need an opinion and you don't want someone to sugarcoat it, you go to your sister. 

11. You can talk to her about anything and she'll always be there to listen
Sisters are so special - not is your sister family, she's your best friend. You share an irreplaceable bond and you know everything about each other. You can share your secrets and your struggles with your sister and she'll be right there with you through all of the things life throws at you. Life is definitely a roller coaster, but your sister is buckled into the seat next to you with her hands high in the air, encouraging you to embrace each day.